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My name is Linda Emmanuel. If you are wondering who I am and don't know my story, here is a brief summary of the last eight years:

I was 100 percent disabled in 2001 with lupus, bi-polar depression, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I also had lesions in the right frontal lobe of my brain which is a typical symptom of multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. By 2002, I was near death and was bedridden the entire year.

Then in 2003 a friend found on the Internet the cause of (mycoplasma) my diseases. Unfortunately, at that time, there was very little hope of being cured.

BUT never giving up, in 2004 I put a "request" out to God to lead me to the "cure" (treatment) and miraculously three days later I found an alternative doctor who used a little known medical treatment called mild silver protein (MSP). Amazingly, after receiving just two IV's of MSP, the symptoms of fibromyalgia, lupus, bi-polar depression, Crohn's and chronic fatigue were gone. And even more amazing that same week I visited my rheumatologist and my blood tests came back negative for lupus! Obviously, the mycoplasma in my bloodstream was dead! Finally, after being bedridden and suffering from excruciating pain for three years, I was symptom free! and felt great!

Here are some statistics about mycoplasma-causing diseases I have gathered from the media:

(1) Every 71 seconds a new case of Alzheimer's is diagnosed;

(2) In the state of Missouri alone, over 50,000 people suffer from lupus;

(3) Over 30 million people in the US suffer from fibromyalgia;

(4) Every 30 minutes a new case of multiple sclerosis is diagnosed; and lastly

(5) Each and every day 6,000 Africans die from AIDS. (Yes, AIDS is a mycoplasma is cell-wall deficient in structure!) NOTE: Google: "AIDS: Made in America"

All of the above diseases (including ALS, Parkinson's, CFS, leukemia, lymphoma, diabetes, psoriasis, AIDS, ADD/ADHD and many others) are caused by the organism mycoplasma. (Be sure to read the research literature re: mycoplasma diseases and symptoms for proof (click here) provided to me by the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation.

To learn about effective alternative treatments (CLO2, bovine colostrum, coconut oil and MSP) against viruses and mycoplasma, click on Resources and also the above link Health at the top of this page.

See what mycoplasma looks like under a microscope (click here) and learn why people suffering from a mycoplasma (cell wall deficient bacteria) infection feel so chronically fatigued and so sick (click).

May my web site enlighten and educate you! Please pass this information on to others who are suffering from cancer or a mycoplasma infection! Thank you.

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